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Lynn C. Overland

Jennifer Ragborg is a consultant in whom I placed ultimate trust to work in my behalf. She has been extremely resourceful, helpful, trustworthy, available to communicate in person. I enjoy working with Jennifer and heartily recommend her.


Thank you very much for the help with LTC. Appreciate your time and clear explanations.

Patti H

I am extremely pleased and relieved that Jennifer helped me find a plan that worked for both my budget and concerns for long term care coverage for the future. I plan to live to be 100! So having the coverage needed as I reach that goal was top priority. She was very knowledgeable, friendly and explained all my options, what is covered and how to enroll. Thank you!!

Bob Harvey

I have been a health insurance (LTC) client of Jennifer Ragborg for over 10 years and have been extremely pleased with her customer service & follow up. She is very knowledgeable, hard working and a good communicator. Jennifer always has the client's best interest when evaluating cost & benefits. My rating 5 stars!

David Oie

Jennifer was very professional, extremely knowledgeable and took the time to make sure all my questions were answered. It was one of the best dialogs I have had discussing ANY kind of insurance policy. I will be getting a new policy from her and Thanks Much Jennifer!

James A Dame

Thanks Jennifer for your always excellent services and availability to our insurance needs. We look forward to working with you over the years forward!

Tuned into my needs & Proactive

I work with lots of financial planners & insurance agents as an owner of a tax firm. I choose Jennifer to do my LTC policy because over a period of a couple years she had acted in my dad's best interest and demonstrated that she was tuned into what was best for him, rather than what might earn her a commission. She thinks ahead about her client's needs, even before they realize something might affect them. I can recommend Jennifer with five stars for service and for understanding the products that are suited for her clients' unique facts and circumstances.

Eric and Debbie

Jennifer was a pleasure to work with and a great help in navigating the long-term care insurance process. She was very knowledgeable, explained our options clearly, and listened well. We would highly recommend her.


Jennifer is very knowledgeable, patient, a good listener, and efficient. I highly recommend her services.

Alan & Dee

If you are looking for a fair, honest information and service regarding LTC, Jennifer is the one. She listens, provides unbiased advice and answers questions in plain english. You can't go wrong.

Leslie Olesen

I recently began a new career as a Senior Advisor helping folks find the best retirement community to meet their needs. It became very clear to me that Long Term Care Insurance would be an important part of my own retirement planning so I contacted Jennifer Ragborg. She walked me through the process and made everything very clear and concise and I made my purchase; pleased about myself and my retirement. Then I thought more about "what if something happened to me now" and was even more confident that I had made one of my best decisions in a long time. If you are hesitating for one moment about Long Term Care Insurance research the price of home or community care and you will be very happy that you met Jennifer.

Wendy S

I was a bit apprehensive regarding the whole LTC process. How do you determine future needs, and which companies can best serve those needs? Jennifer's knowledge, definitive answers to questions, quick response and patience alleviated that apprehension. She provided options and recommendations on how to best utilize the plan going forward. She is a professional, looking out for the best interests of her clients. I would not hesitate to recommend Jennifer's services to friends and family.

Janet Britton

When I first contacted Jennifer I did not realize that we would not meet face to face but rather via phone and internet. I was totally amazed that by the end of the process I felt that every one of my questions were answered and I fully understood all my options that she tailored to my needs. In the end I did not purchase long-term care insurance through Jennifer because I have a policy, but I would definitely recommend, if you are looking for insurance, that you contact her and see what she can offer you. She's a great source of information!

James Healy

Simple, straight forward, responsive, professional. These are my impressions in working with Jennifer and her web site. I think most importantly Jennifer is interested in providing you with a product that you are happy with and not just out to make a quick sale. Thanks.

Scott Brenner

Jennifer was very helpful. She made the whole process simple and stress free. She set me up with a plan that worked for my situation at great rate and when I got approved the rate was even better than projected!

Adam Levine

It was great working with Jennifer Ragborg to get my long-term insurance. She answered all my questions and was very reliable. Thanks for all your help on this! This insurance really helps me bring peace of mind.



Patient and informative. I definitely recommend her!

Deborah K

Jennifer is exceptional! She is patient yet thorough. She explained the options clearly and even helped us fill out the application when our computer acted up. She is very personable and readily puts you at ease. I heartily recommend her. Thank you again Jennifer!

Suzanne T

Jennifer Ragborg was so helpful, informative, and supportive. She did the hard part by researching the right coverage for me, all I had to do was choose what worked for me. Her good nature and kind personality was also very apparent. Thank you for your help.


Jennifer has been excellent in helping us with our long term care issue!! She has been very informative and has given us many ideas as to how to decide!

One more thing!! I just cannot tell you how much I appreciate her expertise in this matter that we are coping with!! She has been great!!!

Don H

I was somewhat skeptical at first, as I did not know, or even know of, Jennifer. It turned out she was excellent. She is professional, personable and patient. She explained the plan and the variables in detail and provided recommendations based upon our needs and concerns. She communicated with us on a regular basis throughout the whole process. We have every confidence in her.

Linda Nichols

Jennifer spent as much or as little time as we needed to explain all of the options. She was able to recommend a good plan for our circumstances. Thanks for making the process as painless as possible!

Terry & Bernadette Osburn

Jennifer was so easy to work with. She helped us find out the rates in Oklahoma so we know for sure we want to retire back home. I liked the way we could see all the different policies on the computer. I have referred her to some of my friends. She made us feel so comfortable. Bernadette Osburn


Thank you for all your help--you're good at what you do! I appreciate your ability to clarify and condense to the essence what this policy really says concerning benefits--I think it's the rare person who is able to read both the lines and between them and draw rational statements to help clients make good decisions concerning the future.

Allan Hart

Jennifer Ragborg was a delight to work with as I worked through the long-term insurance application process. She was very helpful, upfront, honest, knowledgeable, and supportive throughout the process. She was patient and thorough. I highly recommend her to anyone else seeking insight about long-term care insurance.

Cheryl Chatman

From our initial contact to now, Jennifer has been very courteous, helpful and accommodating. She makes 'going beyond the call of duty' appear to be easy and convenient to do. She's also very knowledgeable about all aspects of the Long Term Care Insurance Plans.

Paul Hill

Jennifer was great to work with. Her use of screen sharing technology enabled us to see, understand, and evaluate the long term care policy. We are pleased with the person, the process, and the product.

Julie and Chris Stein

Jennifer is a great representative. She is professional, personable and patient. She explained the plan and the variables in detail and provided recommendations based upon our needs and concerns. She communicated with us on a regular basis throughout the whole process. We have every confidence in her.


Thank you to Jennifer for getting me LTC insurance. As background, I had been denied LTC insurance about two years ago and I did not know why. Just a general rejection letter saying that my medical history caused the denial. It was disappointing as my wife and I feel it is important coverage for our future. I gave up on it for a few months and then ran across Jennifer. She looked into my medical history and checked with several insurance providers. Not only did she find the issue, she found the solution. I now have great LTC insurance coverage and it was all due to Jennifer's hard work! I highly recommend her!

William Christ

Jennifer Ragborg proved herself to be worth every minute of our time as she took us through an incredibly thorough and professional presentation and understanding of the ins and outs of LTC - Long Term Care Insurance. She worked with us in such a way as to be sure the decision as to whether to purchase a long-term care policy would be in our best interest or not. Jennifer arranged three separate conference calls with us while my wife and I were on our separate computers. She led us through the words and graphics to help us understand all the issues and to answer each of our detailed questions. I'm sure our questions were sometimes exasperating to her, but she dealt with each question with tremendous patience and respect for us. We highly recommend Jennifer to anyone who is concerned about or questioning whether they should purchase long term care insurance. Jennifer will help you make a good decision. We have NOT been paid to make this statement on Jennifer's behalf.

Beryl and Bill

My husband and I were privileged to work with Jennifer this past week in researching Long Term Care Health Insurance options. We were impressed with her constant patience, understanding, and knowledge of her products.Her book, Dignity for Life, presents a wonderfully concise introduction to, and explanation of LTC care. The software product she utilizes is high quality, allowing instant access to various options tailored for our needs. We recommend Jennifer as the person to work with in planning your long-term health care needs.

Pat and Steve Gund

Jennifer is a great asset for anyone desiring to acquire LTC insurance. She has clearly researched each company's policies which means that she knows their strengths and weaknesses. We felt cared for and supported because Jennifer helped us find the best product for the best value. Thank you, Jennifer!

Pat and Steve

Steve and I want to thank you for all of your help regarding our search for LTC coverage. You are tremendously knowledgeable and patient.

Jane Timmerman

Jennifer worked with us and was very patient with all our questions. She explained things clearly and gave us lots of options to consider. She is very good at what she does!


I decided to look at Long term care insurance because of the problems my Grandparents had. My parents have coverage in place all ready (because of that) and I was not sure when would be the best time for me to get it. Thank you for sharing your expertise with me and showing me how much more affordable this can be, than I expected. Thanks, and Merry Christmas

Patrick and Wendy

Jennifer was very accommodating from the first when we contacted the company through the internet for LTC information. Even though we did not call her back for six months she remembered us and carefully explained all the options that would fit our needs. She is super experienced in all LTC companies so does not take her long to point us in the right direction to the best choices for our situation. She guided us through all the steps and kept in touch throughout the weeks of the approval process. We will recommend her to friends and family.

Cathleen Gempeler

I just want to take a moment to say that Jennifer did a very good job in explaining products and options to me when I was in the thinking and considering stages of buying LTC insurance. I have called her recently and she responded with respect and I did not feel that she was uninterested in my questions. I would recommend her to anyone!


You were so helpful and willing to share without any notion of forcing us to purchase anything. It was absolutely amazing.

Jeanne Vergeront

My husband and I very much appreciated Jennifer's clear and careful explanations that unpacked the parts and options of LTC. She was patient with excellent follow-through that kept us on track.

david prin

Although I have had a LTC policy for a number of years, Jennifer offered her time and extensive experience in helping me understand a variety of important aspects of LTC even though from the beginning of our conversation it was clear I was not going to purchase a policy form her. Her knowledge and professionalism were most refreshing. At the end of our call I told how much she had helped me, and I wished I had contacted her before I bought my policy. It's clear to me the value she brings as a broker representing many companies. Thanks again, Jennifer, for your genuine desire to help me. Cordially, David Prin


Thank you SO much for your illustrations!! It was worth the wait. :) I was so excited my husband liked it and it would cover both of us!! I know he understood the need for LTC before you came, but he was very hesitant at the beginning (you probably saw that by his body language). Having been a salesman most of his life, he is usually pretty critical of "pushy" ones (like the last guy). Fortunately you are NOT that! Thank you! Plus, you being very knowledgeable, having options, and being a great listener enabled him to listen with an open mind! And... having the option to fund all of this with investments vs. out of pocket was the clincher!

Gary Koosmann

Jennifer was very helpful in teaching me about Long Term Care and helping me purchase the right policy for me. She explained the application procedure, policy costs and benefits, potential application interview questions, etc., so that I felt comfortable completing this unfamiliar process with her. Thank you Jennifer!

Karn and Fred Bartlf

Who knew LTC could be such an interesting subject, but Jennifer made it so as well as very understandable for us. Our concerns about even approaching this subject were aleviated within minutes of her sitting down with us and laying out the information in a systematic and clear way. At the end of the evening, we found ourselves very excited that we have taken this step for our future and taken away a very large burden from our children. Can't recommend Jennifer often enough to those we have come in contact with who need this coverage.

Lisa Weisman

Thank you Jennifer for taking me through the process of purchasing LTC insurance. It is so comforting to know that with LTC insurance, I will be able to provide for myself the services that I will need as I age and that I will not become an increasing burden on my children. LTC insurance will allow me to always maintain my sense of responsibility and independence no matter how needy I become in the future. Lisa Weisman

Karen Johnson

Jennifer, I just can't thank you enough for your help not only with my long term care insurance needs, but your experience with Medicare secondary policies, dental insurance, and general health insurance made me feel comfortable that I was making the best decision for me. You went out of your way to explain clearly all my options and it made me regret even wasting any time trying to figure things out on my own! You are an expert in what you do, professional, friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend you to anyone with insurance needs. Thanks again! Karen Johnson .

Connie Bowers-Capen

Jennifer's fact-oriented, no pressure approach to long term care insurance was appreciated. Her willingness to research policy options that were aligned with my specific needs, interests and budget and help educate me on the pros/cons of each option made the process smooth and productive.


Thanks for your patience and honesty when working with me. I really appreciate it and know how you get those great trips to Greece ! You earn them. Sincerely, Jan

Chris Moen

Jennifer was very knowledgeable regarding our options for LTC. She clearly explained the variables that went into choosing a plan and helped find the best choice for us. She also facilitated the process with the providers making the entire experience easy and painless.
Jennifer Ragborg is a consultant in whom I placed ultimate trust to work in my behalf. She has been extremely resourceful, helpful, trustworthy, available to communicate in person. I enjoy working… Read More

Lynn C. Overland

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